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View Pictures and Videos Using Gallery

Using the Gallery application, you can view pictures and watch videos that you’ve taken with your phone’s camera, downloaded, or copied onto your storage card or phone memory.

For pictures that are on your storage card or phone memory, you can do basic editing such as rotating and cropping. You can also easily assign a picture as your contact picture or wallpaper and share pictures with your friends.

View Pictures and Videos

You can access and view all your stored pictures and videos from your phone’s Gallery.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Gallery gallery app icon.
  • The Timeline list opens, showing all pictures and videos in chronological order.

Tip: In addition to the Timeline view, you can tap Timeline to switch to Album view, where pictures and videos are sorted into different albums depending on the folders the contents are saved in.

  1. Tap an image to view the picture or video.

    screenshot of gallery contents
  • The picture or the video snapshot opens and displays in full screen.
  • Tap play video icon to play a video.
  • When viewing pictures and videos in full screen, you can tap the screen to display a series of options and choose what to do with the picture or video.

Tip: After capturing a picture or video, from the camera screen, tap the thumbnail image at the corner of the screen to see the item in full screen.

Pictures and Videos: Options while Viewing

After opening a picture or video in full screen, you can zoom in or out the item or start playing the video.

  • Zoom In or Out on a Picture or Video: Tap the screen twice or pinch the screen to zoom in or out on a picture or video.
  • Viewing Videos: Use the onscreen controls to play, pause, fast forward, or rewind the video playback. If you use the Video Player app, more options are available, including screenshot, video ratio, video rotation, and more.

Note: You can touch and hold on a picture or video thumbnail in the Timeline view to open a selection menu and choose what to do with the picture or video.