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View Calendar Events

You can display the Calendar in daily, weekly, monthly, or agenda view. To change the Calendar view, tap the time at the top left and select Day, Week, Month, or Agenda.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Calendar calendar app icon.
  • The Calendar app opens.
  1. Tap an event. If you are in month view, tap a date first.

    screenshot of calendar events

Note: The color for the events indicates the type of calendar that includes the event. To find out which calendar each color represents, tap Menu menu options icon > Calendars to display.

  • The event details appear.
  • In event details, tap Edit edit contact icon to edit the event.
  • In event details, tap Delete remove icon to delete the event.
  • In event details, tap Share share icon to send the event through email, Bluetooth, or upload to your Google Drive.
  • In event details, tap Menu menu options icon > Copy to create a new event with the same information.