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Users Settings

The Users settings allow you share your phone with others by creating up to three additional user accounts. Each user has their own storage space, wallpaper, screen lock and so on.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Users.

    screenshot of device settings (scrolled down)
  3. Manage your user settings as needed.

    screenshot of users settings

User Settings Operations

  • Set up a New User: In the Users screen, tap Add user > OK > Set up now and follow the prompts on the screen.

Note: You can add new users from the notification panel when the screen is locked. Switch on Add users to turn on this feature.

  • Delete a User: In the User screen, tap bluetooth device settings icon next to the user and select Remove user > Delete.

Note: A Guest account is available by default in case anyone needs to use your phone temporarily. This user account cannot be deleted.

Note: When another user is finished using your phone, he or she can tap Menu menu options icon > Delete <user name> from this device > Delete in the User screen to delete the account and related data from your phone.

  • Manage Users' Authority to Use Phone Call and Messaging: In the Users screen, tap bluetooth device settings icon next to the user and tap Turn on phone calls & SMS.
  • Switch Users: In the Users screen, tap the user name you want to switch to.

Note: You can switch users in the quick settings menu. Pull down the status bar to display the notifications panel. Swipe down again and tap the user icon at the top to select users.