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Use Cloud Print on Your Phone

To use Google Cloud Print on your phone, you must sign in to your Google Account.

If you haven't added a printer on the phone or haven't turned on the Cloud Print feature, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Printing > Cloud Print from home to enable this function or add a printer registered to your Google Account.

  1. Open a file on the phone and select the option for print. For example, open an image with the Gallery app and tap Menu menu options icon > Print.

    screenshot of full screen options
  2. Select a printer you have added to the phone or tap printer selector icon > All printers… to add a printer right away.

    screenshot of printer
  3. Configure other print job options, such as number of copies, color, and paper size.
  4. Tap Print print icon to send the print job wirelessly to your printer through Google Servers.

Note: Instead of selecting a printer, you can also choose to save the file to Google Drive or as a PDF file.