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Tips for Editing Text

Your phone gives you many options to make entering text easier, including copying, cutting, and pasting text, customizing the user dictionary, using predictive text, and more.

  • To move the insertion point, tap where you want to type. The cursor blinks in the new position, and a tab appears below it. Drag the tab to move the cursor.
  • To select text, touch and hold or double-tap the text. The nearest word is selected, with a tab at both ends of the selection. Drag the tabs to change the selection. To cancel the selection, simply tap the text field.
  • To cut or copy text, select the text you want to manipulate. Then tap Cut or Copy.
  • To replace text with the clipboard text, select the text you want to replace and then tap Paste.

    screenshot of pasting to replace text
  • To insert clipboard text to the text field, tap the tab below the cursor and then select Paste.

    screenshot of pasting to insert text
  • You can customize your personal dictionary for word suggestion and spell check. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Languages & input > Personal dictionary. Then select a language and tap add to dictionary icon to add a new word.
  • Many input methods have predictive text features of their own. You may need to configure them separately. For example, when using the TouchPal keyboard, touch and hold touchpal prediction off key or touchpal prediction on key to manage prediction.