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The Playback Screen

When you tap a song in the music library, the music player immediately starts to play it and its name and the player controls are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Tap the area to open the playback screen, where you can have more control over the player.

screenshot of music playback with callouts

  • Track title: Display track name, artist, and album information.
  • Back to library: Return to the music library.
  • Album cover: Display the cover art of the album when it is available. Swipe horizontally to switch to the next or previous song.
  • Track information: Display the detailed information of the song and the file.
  • Shuffle: Turn shuffle on or off.
  • Playback control: Skip songs or pause and resume playback. Drag the progress bar to jump to any part of the track.
  • Repeat: Toggle repeat mode (no repeat, repeat the current track, or repeat the current playlist).
  • Add to favorites: Add the track to the Favorites playlist. Tap again to remove the track from the list.
  • Manage Dolby Audio settings: Select Dolby Audio profiles or configure detailed options to get better audio quality for your music.
  • Current playlist: Tap to view the current playlist.
  • Options: Access additional options.