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Text and MMS Options

The messages settings menu lets you control options for your text and MMS messages including message limits, size settings, and notifications.

  1. From home, tap Messenger messenger app icon.
  2. On the Messenger screen, tap Menu menu options icon > Settings. You can set the following:
  • Default SMS app: Select Messenger or any other messaging app as the default app for SMS and MMS.
  • Get notifications: Turn on this option if you want to receive a notification for outgoing and incoming messages.
  • Notification sound: Select a ringtone that is specific to new text and multimedia messages. Note that the ringtone briefly plays when selected.
  • Hear outgoing message sounds: Turn on this option if you want to hear the notification sound every time a message is successfully sent.
  • Vibrate: Select this option if you want the phone to vibrate when a new text or multimedia message arrives.
  • Your current country: Set the current country you are in or let the phone detect automatically.
  • Advanced: Set the following options.
  • Group messaging: Automatically send messages as MMS when there are multiple recipients.
  • Auto-download MMS: Turn on this option to automatically retrieve all your multimedia messages completely. When turned on, the multimedia message header plus the message body and attachments will automatically download to your phone. If you clear this check box, only the multimedia message header will be retrieved and shown in the conversation.
  • Auto-download MMS when roaming: Automatically retrieve all your messages completely when roaming. This may incur significant phone charges.
  • Use simple characters: Turn on to convert special characters in your SMS messages.
  • Get SMS delivery reports: Turn on to get notifications when an SMS message is delivered.
  • Wireless alerts: Check alert messages in your area. You can also change the alert settings.
  • SIM card messages: View and manage messages saved on the nano-SIM card.
  • Phone number: Edit your own phone number, which is needed for some messaging features.