Take a Picture

You can take high-resolution pictures using your phone’s cameras.

Note: If you have an SD card installed as portable storage, pictures and videos are stored to the SD card by default. If no card is installed, pictures and videos are saved to your phone’s memory. To change this setting, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Storage > Save location.

  1. From home, tap Camera camera app icon.
  • The camera viewfinder appears.
  1. Before taking the picture, you can zoom in on your subject.
  • To zoom in, "spread" the screen with your thumb and finger or press the Volume Up key.
  • To zoom out, "pinch" the screen or press the Volume Down key.
  1. Frame your subject on the screen and configure other necessary settings. See Camera Overview for details.

Tip: Hold the phone vertically when taking portrait shots or hold the phone horizontally when taking landscape shots.

  1. You can either let the camera autofocus on the center of the screen, or you can tap another area of the screen that you want to focus on.
  2. If you want to adjust the exposure of the picture, drag camera exposure icon next to the focus up or down.
  3. Tap take picture icon to take the picture.

    screenshot of camera viewfinder
  • The shutter clicks and the picture is captured and saved to your phone or SD card. Tap the thumbnail at the corner of the screen and choose what you want to do with the picture you've just taken.