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Sound Recorder

You can use Sound Recorder to record voice memos.

Record and Play a Voice Memo

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Sound Recorder sound recording app icon.

    screenshot of apps list (scrolled down)
  2. Tap start sound recording icon to start recording.

    screenshot of sound recording

Note: Before recording, you can tap hq sound recording icon to turn high-quality recording on or off.

  • During recording, you can tap pause sound recording icon / start sound recording icon to pause or continue the recording.
  1. Tap stop sound recording icon to stop the recording. The memo is automatically saved.
  • Tap start stopwatch icon to play the voice recording.
  • Tap edit contact icon to edit the name of the recording.

Note: To find all your voice memos, tap all sound recordings icon at the top right of the screen.