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Send a Text Message

Quickly compose and send text messages on your phone.

  1. From home, tap Messenger messenger app icon.
  2. On the Messenger screen, tap Compose compose message icon.
  3. Fill in one or more recipients. You can:
  • Enter the phone number or contact name directly in the "To" field. Tap Send to <number> or a match from your contacts displayed below the "To" field to add the number or contact as the recipient.

Tip: While entering the recipient, tap open dialpad icon and open keyboard icon to switch between the numeric and the full keyboard.

  • Tap a contact below the "To" field to whom you want to send the message.

Note: If you add two or more recipients, the message may be sent as a group MMS where everyone can reply and see each other's messages. For group messaging setting, see Text and MMS Options.

  1. Tap next icon.
  2. Tap the “Type an SMS message” box and then start composing your message.

    screenshot of composing a message
  3. When done, tap Send send message icon to send the text message.