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Security Settings

The Security settings menus let you set screen lock options, password visibility, administrator settings, credential storage options, and other advanced options.

Security Settings Overview

The following table outlines the settings available through the Security settings menu:

Security Setting


Screen lock

Protect your phone with a screen lock that you must input to use the phone


Register your fingerprint for unlocking the phone and quick-open apps, or manage other fingerprint functions that do not need verification

Smart Lock

Keep the phone unlocked when connected to trusted devices, in trusted places, unlocked by trusted faces or voices, or as long as you keep holding or carrying the device

Note: You need to sign in to your Google Account on the phone to use this feature.

Encrypt phone

Encrypt all data on your phone. This feature is enabled by default and you can use it to further protect your phone while setting a screen lock by requiring your pattern, PIN, or password before the phone starts up. See Screen Lock

Set up SIM card lock

Turn nano-SIM card lock on or off or manage the PIN

Make passwords visible

Toggle to show or hide passwords when entering form data

Device administrators

View or turn off device administrators

Unknown sources

Allow or deny installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play store app

Storage type

Check the credential storage type

Trusted credentials

Display trusted CA certificates

User credentials

View and modify stored credentials

Install from SD card

Install certificates from the phone storage or an optional installed SD card

Clear credentials

Clear the credential storage and delete all certificates

Trust agents

View or deactivate trust agents

Screen pinning

Keep a screen of your choice in view, so that others cannot switch to other apps and access your personal information

Apps with usage access

Enable or disable some apps' access to your phone usage information

Access Security Settings

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Security.

    screenshot of personal settings
  • The Security settings menu opens.
  1. Set your security options.
  • Your security settings are applied and saved.