Record Videos

Record high-quality videos using your phone’s camcorder.

Note: If you have an SD card installed as portable storage, pictures and videos are stored to the SD card by default. If no card is installed, pictures and videos are saved to your phone’s memory. To change this setting, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Storage > Save location.

  1. From home, tap Camera camera app icon.
  • The camera viewfinder appears.
  1. Tap Video.
  2. Frame your subject on the screen. You can tap any area of the Viewfinder screen that you want the camera to focus on before and during recording.
  3. Tap Record start recording icon to start recording video. The recording duration appears.

    screenshot of camcorder

Tip: During recording, you can pinch or spread on the screen or press the Volume keys to zoom in or out. You can also tap take picture icon to take a picture.

  • Video recording begins.
  1. Tap pause recording icon to pause recording. Tap start recording icon to resume recording.
  2. Tap end recording icon to stop recording.
  • The camera stops recording and the video is captured and saved to your phone or SD card.