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nano-SIM Card

The nano-SIM card is an IC card containing phone number and other customer information.

Handling a nano-SIM Card

Keep the following in mind when handling a nano-SIM card.

  • You are responsible for any damage caused by inserting the nano-SIM card in another-brand IC card reader, etc. Sprint is not responsible in such a case.
  • Always keep the IC chip clean.
  • Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Avoid applying labels. May damage nano-SIM card.
  • See instructions included with nano-SIM card for handling.
  • The nano-SIM card is the property of Sprint.
  • The nano-SIM card is replaceable (at cost) in case of loss/damage.
  • Return the nano-SIM card to Sprint when canceling subscription.
  • Returned nano-SIM cards are recycled for environmental purposes.
  • Note that nano-SIM card specifications and performance may change without notice.
  • It is recommended that you keep a separate copy of information that is stored on nano-SIM card. Sprint is not responsible for damages from stored information that is lost.
  • Always follow emergency procedures to suspend service if your nano-SIM card or phone (nano-SIM card inserted) is lost or stolen. For details, contact Customer Service.
  • Always power off the phone before inserting/removing the nano-SIM card.

Insert nano-SIM Card

Follow these instructions to insert a nano-SIM card. Remember to power off your phone before inserting a nano-SIM card.

Note: Your phone’s nano-SIM card is preinstalled. These instructions are for reference only.

  1. Push the point of the tray eject tool into the hole on the nano-SIM/SD card slot.

    illustration of ejecting the card tray
  2. Pull out the card tray and place the nano-SIM card in the tray making sure it is properly oriented. Then carefully install the tray back.

    illustration of installing the sim card
  • Place the nano-SIM card with its gold IC chip facing downward.