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Languages & Input Settings

Your phone’s languages & input settings let you select a language for the phone’s menus and keyboards, select and configure keyboard settings, configure speech input and output settings, and set your phone’s mouse/trackpad options.

Languages & Input Settings Overview

You can set the following options in the Languages & input settings menu:

Languages and Input Setting



Set the language for your keyboards and menus

Spell checker

Turn Google Spell Checker on or off and configure options to check for spelling errors when entering text

Personal dictionary

Add words to a personal phone dictionary to improve word suggestion and spell check when entering text

Virtual keyboard

Access settings for onscreen virtual keyboards and enable/disable installed input methods

Physical keyboard

Access settings for physical keyboard assistance

Text-to-speech output

Set text-to-speech options

Pointer speed

Set the speed of the pointer for a mouse/trackpad

Access Language and Input Setting Options

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Languages & input.

    screenshot of personal settings
  • The Languages and input settings menu opens.
  1. Set options.
  • The languages and input settings are applied and saved.

Language and Input Options

Some of the language and input options are detailed below.

  • Set the Display Language: From the Languages & input settings menu, tap Languages and then drag language options icon next to the language you need to the top. Tap Add a language to add more languages to the list.
  • Set Onscreen Input Method: From the Languages & input setting menu, tap Virtual keyboard and then tap an input method.
  • Enable Voice Input: From the Languages & input settings menu, tap Virtual keyboard > Manage keyboards and toggle the Google voice typing option on or off.
  • Set Google Keyboard Options: From the Languages & input settings menu, tap Virtual keyboard > Google Keyboard and configure your keyboard options.
  • Set Options for Text-to-Speech Output: From the Languages & input settings menu, tap Text-to-speech output, tap a settings option, and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Set Speed of Pointer for Mouse/Trackpad: From the Languages & input settings menu, tap Pointer speed, drag the bar to adjust the speed, and tap OK.