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In-Call Screen Layout and Operations

While you’re on a call, you will see a number of onscreen options.

In-Call Screen Layout

Tap options to activate them during a call.

screenshot of call screen

  • Add call: Tap to make another call separately from the current call, which is put on hold. When both calls are connected, you can tap Swap to switch between the two call or tap Merge to set up a conference call. See Call Waiting and Conference Calling.
  • Contacts: Open the Contacts app and view your contacts list.
  • Dialpad: Toggle the appearance of the onscreen keypad. Show the keypad to enter additional numbers, for example, an extension or access code.
  • For example: When you call your bank’s 800 number, use the keypad to enter your account number and PIN.
  • Mute: Mute the microphone during an active call. Tap again to unmute the microphone.
  • Speaker: Route the phone’s audio through the speaker (On) or through the earpiece (Off).
  • Activate Speaker to route the phone’s audio through the speaker. (You can adjust the speaker volume using the Volume keys.)
  • Deactivate Speaker to use the phone’s earpiece.

Warning: Because of higher volume levels, do not place the phone near your ear during speakerphone use.

Note: When a Bluetooth headset is connected to your phone, you can route the audio through the Bluetooth headset (bluetooth audio icon),  the phone earpiece (earpiece audio icon), or the phone speaker (speaker audio icon). Tap one of these icons and select Speaker, Handset earpiece, or Bluetooth to change how the audio is routed.