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Google Play Music Screen Layout

The following diagram outlines the main features of the Play Music app player screen.

screenshot of play music with callouts



Song and artist

Shows the names of the song and the artist. Tap the area to close the player screen and return to the music library.

Album image

Displays the album artwork (if available). Swipe left or right to switch to the next or previous song in the current playlist.


Tap to resume or pause the player.


Tap to switch repeat modes. You can repeat the current song, the current playlist, or turn off repeat.


Rate the song by giving it a thumbs-up.

Previous song

Tap to restart the current song; tap twice to switch to the previous song in the playlist.

Next song

Tap to switch to the next song in the playlist.


Rate the song by giving it a thumbs-down.

Progress bar

Shows the progress of the current song. Drag or tap it to jump to any part of song.


Tap to turn shuffle on or off.

Current playlist

Tap to display the current music list (queue).


Tap to access more player options.