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Google Maps

Use the Google Maps app to determine your location, find directions, browse local businesses and attractions, rate and review places, and more.

Enable Location Services on Your Phone

Before using any location-based services, you must enable your phone’s location feature. For information about setting your phone’s location options, see Location Settings.

View Maps of Specified Places

Use Google Maps to locate and map a specific address or destination.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Maps maps app icon.

    screenshot of maps in app list
  • Google Maps opens.
  • If prompted, follow the onscreen instructions to accept terms of use.
  1. Tap the search box at the top.
  2. Enter an address, city, facility name, etc., and then tap a candidate in the results list.

Note: If your search term is specific enough, the map will automatically pan to that location.

  • The information card for the specific location opens. You can find out its address, open hours, street view, people's review, how to get there, give the place a call, save it to your Google Account, and more.
  • Slide the card down to view the place on the map.

Google Maps Operations

  • Viewing Current Location: From the Maps app, tap locator icon.
  • Obtain Useful Area Information for Current Location: From the Maps app, tap locator icon. When your location is found, tap explore nearby icon at the bottom of the screen and, in the new screen, select a type of business or attraction to browse related locations. You can then tap a location to view detailed information and find out how to get there.
  • View Traffic Information, Aerial Photos, Etc., in Maps: From the Maps app, tap Menu gmail options icon and then tap Traffic, Satellite, Google Earth, etc.
  • Check Route to Destination: From the Maps app, tap route icon, select a method of transport (car, public transit, or on foot), and then enter your current location and your destination.
  • Route candidates appear in a list. Tap one to get more information.
  • Check Detailed Operation for Maps: From the Maps app, tap Menu gmail options icon > Help.