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Google Keyboard

The Google keyboard offers a traditional QWERTY keyboard setup for entering text by tapping keys (like on a computer), along with enhancements and options that allow you to enter text faster and more accurately, such as continuous key input, personalized usage dictionaries, and more.

Assign Google Keyboard for Text Entry

  1. Tap a text entry field, so that a keyboard displays on the screen.
  2. Slide the status bar down and tap Change keyboard.
  3. Select Google Keyboard.

Note: If you cannot find the input keyboard that has been installed, it may have been disabled. To enable it, from home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Languages & input > Virtual keyboard > Manage keyboards and tap the input keyboard that is disabled.

Use Google Keyboard

screenshot of google keyboard

Tap the alphabetic keys to enter letters. Touch and hold some specific keys to enter associated accented letters or numbers. For example, to enter È, touch and hold google E key and the available accented letters and number 3 appear. Then slide to choose È.

  • As you enter a word, candidates appear above the keyboard. Tap to select the correct one; touch and hold to remove suggestions.
  • Tap google lowercase key to use uppercase. Double-tap google lowercase key to lock uppercase. This key also changes to indicate the current case you are using: google lowercase key for lowercase, google uppercase key for uppercase, and google uppercase lock key when locked in uppercase.
  • Tap google delete key to delete the text before the cursor.
  • Tap google symbols key to select numbers and symbols. You can then tap google more symbols key to find more.
  • Tap google emoji key to enter emoji or emoticon.
  • Tap google voice key to use Google voice typing.
  • Touch and hold google comma key to change the input languages or set up the Google keyboard. You can also touch and hold google comma key and slide right to shrink the keyboard for one-hand use.

Use Gesture Typing

The Google keyboard supports the gesture typing feature. You can use this feature to input a word by sliding through the letters.

To enable and use gesture typing:

  1. Touch and hold google comma key on the Google keyboard and then tap Google Keyboard settings.
  2. Tap Gesture typing and then tap Enable gesture typing if this feature is turned off.
  3. Move your finger from letter to letter on the keyboard to trace a word without lifting the finger until you reach the end of the word.

    illustration of google keyboard gesture