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Extended Home Screens

In addition to the main home screen, your phone features extended home screens to provide more space for adding icons, widgets, and more. Tap Home home key to display the main home screen and then slide the screen right or left to move from the main screen to an extended screen.

There are up to eight and at least three extended screens available in addition to the main home screen.

  • If you are not already using the maximum number of screens for your phone, you can add more screens when adding a shortcut or widget to the home screen. See Add Shortcuts to the Home Screen and Add Widgets to the Home Screen.
  • If there are more than three extended screens and you remove all contents from one screen, the empty screen is deleted automatically.
  • While on an extended screen, tap Home home key to return to the main home screen.

To delete or set the home screens:

  • From any screen, touch and hold an empty area and tap Home.

    screenshot of thumbnails
  • To delete a home screen, tap delete from home screen icon on the corner of its thumbnail and tap OK.
  • To set a home screen as the main home screen, tap set main home screen icon at the bottom of its thumbnail.
  • To change the order of the screens, touch and hold a thumbnail and drag it left or right to a new position.