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Edit a Contact

Once you’ve added a contact, you can add or edit any of the information in the entry, assign a caller ID picture, customize with a unique ringtone, and more.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Contacts contacts app icon.
  • You will see the Contacts list.
  1. Tap a contact to view its details.

    screenshot of contact details
  • The contact’s detailed listing appears.
  1. Tap Edit edit contact icon.
  2. Tap any field you want to change or add. See Add a Contact.
  3. Add or edit the information, and then tap check ok icon.
  • Your changes are saved to the contact entry.

Note: To select a type (label) for a phone number, email address, or postal address (such as Mobile, Home, Work, etc.), tap the type below the field.