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Do Not Disturb Mode

You can limit sound interruptions with Do not disturb mode, which silences unwanted sounds from your phone.

To turn on Do not disturb mode:

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Sound > Do not disturb.
  2. Tap Do not disturb and select Always or Scheduled.

    screenshot of do not disturb settings
  3. Set the detailed settings.
  • If you have selected Scheduled, set the days and start/end time during which Do not disturb mode should apply.
  • Tap Disturb rules to determine whether you allow exceptions.
  • Priority only: Disturbance set as priority interruptions are allowed.
  • Alarms only: Put your phone is silent mode in which only alarms sound is allowed.
  • Total silence: Forbid all disturbances.
  • If you have allowed priority interruptions, customize the types of allowed sounds or vibration in the Priority interruptions section.