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Display Settings

Use the phone's display settings menu to adjust items such as wallpaper, brightness, screen timeout, and more.

Display Settings Overview

The display settings menu allows you to configure the following options:

Display Setting


Brightness level

Set the screen brightness

Adaptive brightness

Set whether to automatically adjust the screen brightness for available light


Set wallpaper for the home screen or the lock screen


Set a screen timeout duration

Note: Longer durations discharge the battery more quickly.

Press power button twice for camera

Quickly open the Camera app by pressing the Power/Lock key twice even when the screen is locked

Screen saver

Manage the screensaver of colors or photos

Ambient display

Wake the screen when new notifications arrive

Font size

Set font size for display

Display size

Make items on the screen, including fonts, icons and images, smaller or larger

When device is rotated

Set whether to allow the screen to rotate the display with the phone orientation, where applicable


Connect with TVs, projectors or other devices that support wireless display and project your phone’s content wirelessly to that device. You need to turn on Wi-Fi first. For detailed introduction, please refer to the device manual.

Pulse notification light

Set whether to flash the indicator light beneath the Home key to notify you of missed calls, new messages, and other events

Accelerometer Calibration

Calibrate the phone's accelerometer when you detect any error during use

Navigation key light duration

Control the back light duration of Home home key, Back back key, and Recent Apps back key

Access Display Settings

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Display.

    screenshot of device settings
  3. Set your display options.
  • Your display settings are saved and applied.