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Complete the Setup Screens

The setup screens help you set up certain features and preferences on your phone. Once your phone has been turned on, you will see a Welcome message. You can then complete the setup process.

Note: You may be able to complete the setup screens before your phone has been activated on your account.

  1. On the Talkback screen, activate the Talkback feature by double-tapping the center of the screen if you have sight problems, or tap Accessibility to explore other accessibility features.

    screenshot of talkback setup
  • If you have no accessibility problem with the phone, tap Next.
  1. On the Language screen, select a language and tap Next to get started.

    screenshot of language selection
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete each section. For each topic, you will have the option to skip it and continue to the next screen.
  • Select Wi-Fi network – If prompted, follow the prompts to sign in to an available Wi-Fi network. For secured Wi-Fi networks, you will need to enter a password. See Wi-Fi for more details.
  • Welcome to your N9560 – Restore data from another device or set up the phone as new.
  • Google services – Select your Google location and service options and then tap Next.
  • Name – If applicable, enter your first and last name and tap Next. This information is used by the phone to personalize certain apps.
  • Unlock with fingerprint – Add fingerprint information with the fingerprint sensor, or tap Skip > Skip anyway.

Note: You can always manage your fingerprints in Settings. See Screen Lock.

  • Anything else? – Add personal or work email accounts or tap All set to skip.

Note: You can always add email accounts in Settings.

  1. Tap Done.
  2. In the Accelerated Location screen, check Location consent to use Qualcomm IZat location feature and tap Next.
  • Your phone is now set up for use. If you skipped any part of the setup, you can access additional options through the Apps screen or through Settings.

Note: You do not need to sign up for a Google Account to use your phone. However, to download apps from Google Play, you must link your phone to a Google Account.