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Change the Wallpaper

Select and assign your phone’s background wallpaper.

  1. From home, touch and hold an empty space, and then tap Wallpapers.

    screenshot of wallpaper
  • You can also access the wallpaper menu through settings. From home, tap Settings settings app icon > Display > Wallpaper.
  1. Tap Lock screen or Home screen.
  • Lock screen: Set the wallpaper for your phone’s lock screen.
  • Home screen: Set the background wallpaper for your home screen.
  1. Tap an option to select the wallpaper.
  2. If necessary, tap Set wallpaper.
  • The wallpaper is set.

Note: If you select Gallery, you will need to select an album and a picture. Once selected, use two fingers to scale or one finger to move to select the area you want to use and then tap Done set wallpaper icon.