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Camera Overview

The camera's viewfinder screen lets you view your subject and access camera controls and options.

screenshot of camera viewfinder with callouts

  • Switch view mode: Switch between the back camera lens and the front-facing camera lens (for self-portraits, video chatting, etc.).
  • Self-timer: Set a time delay before the camera takes a picture after you tap the shutter icon, or turns off this feature.
  • HDR: Turn HDR on or off.
  • Flash: Select a flash mode for the camera.
  • Settings: Change camera and camcorder settings. See Set Camera Functions.
  • Exit: Exit the Camera app.
  • Filters: Select a filter for your picture or video.
  • Capture picture: Tap the icon to take a picture.
  • Captured picture/video: View pictures and videos you have captured.
  • Switch camera mode: Select a camera mode when using the back camera. In addition to the default Photo mode, you can tap Manual to adjust some advanced professional options, tap Video to capture a video, or tap ... to use multi-exposure, panorama, or timelapse modes.

Learn More About Your Phone's Camera

For an overview of your phone's camera and its features, you can access more information through the phone's settings menu.

  1. From home, tap Camera camera app icon.
  • The camera viewfinder appears.
  1. Tap Settings quick settings icon > Help > More, and tap a topic to learn more.

    screenshot of camera help