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Call Using the Phone Dialer

The most “traditional” way to place a call is by using the phone’s dialer screen.

  1. From home, tap Phone phone app icon to display the phone screen.
  • The phone app opens. If necessary, tap Keypad phone dialer icon to display the dialer screen.
  1. Tap the number keys on the keypad to enter the phone number.

    screenshot of dialing a number
  • As you enter digits, Smart Dial searches for contacts that match. If you see the number you want to dial, tap it to enter the rest of the number and place the call automatically.
  1. Tap send key to call the number.
  • The phone dials the number. The call begins when the other party answers.
  1. To end the call, tap end call key.

    screenshot of call screen
  • The call ends.


Problem: Call does not connect.

Solution 1: Was the number dialed using the area code? If not, try dialing using the full 10-digit number including the area code.

Solution 2: Are you in an area with poor wireless coverage? Try calling again from another area.