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Apps Settings

Check installed applications.

Applications Settings Overview

Tap an installed application in the Apps settings menu to see its information and access options that may include the following.

Apps Setting


Force stop

Stop the application


Uninstall the application


Disable or enable the application


Check the storage information and clear app data or cache

Data usage

Check how much data has been used by the app during the time cycle, restrict background data for the app, or allow unrestricted data access when Data saver is on


Check or change the app permissions


Manage the app notifications in the notification panel and the lock screen. You can block or mute notifications from an app, hide them on the lock screen, or allow them to interrupt in Do not disturb mode

Open by default

Check the app's supported links and set whether to open the links in the app, and clear the app's defaults


Check the battery use details of the app since last full charge


Check how much memory has been used by the app

Draw over other apps

Allow or forbid the app to display on top of other apps you're using

Modify system settings

Allow or forbid the app to modify system settings

Access Applications Settings

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Apps.

    screenshot of device settings
  3. Tap an app to configure its options.