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Apps List

The apps list expands to include any apps you download and install on your phone. The following table outlines the primary apps that have been preinstalled on your phone.



amazon app icon Amazon

Shop millions of digital and physical products in Amazon’s catalog and manage your orders from anywhere.

kindle app icon Amazon Kindle

Get access to more than 4,000,000 books and audiobooks including over 1,000,000 Kindle exclusive titles for books you have purchased from Amazon.

amazon music app icon Amazon Music

Listen online or offline to tens of millions of songs and explore thousands of curated playlists and stations.

browser app icon Browser

Browse the Internet.

calculator app icon Calculator

Perform basic and advanced mathematical calculations.

calendar app icon Calendar

Organize your time and remind you of important events.

caller id app icon Caller ID

Identify unknown callers and message senders to protect yourself against potential robocallers, spammers, scammers, or spoofers.

camera app icon Camera

Take and share pictures and videos.

chrome app icon Chrome

Browse the Internet and sync your bookmarks, browsing history, and more with your Google Account.

clock app icon Clock

Set alarms, view time in time zones around the world, use stopwatch, or set a time for countdown.

contacts app icon Contacts

Store and manage contacts saved in your phone as well as contacts synchronized with your Web accounts and computer.

dolby app icon Dolby Audio

Configure Dolby Audio sound settings.

downloads app icon Downloads

Check the record of files you have downloaded using apps such as Browser or Chrome.

drive app icon Drive

Store and share files on Google servers for free after you sign in to your Google Account.

duo app icon Duo

Make 1-to-1 video calls using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

email app icon Email

Send and receive emails from your webmail accounts or your corporate email accounts.

facebook app icon Facebook

Keep up with the latest updates of your friends with Facebook on the go.

file manager app icon File Manager

View and manage files stored on your phone's internal storage and your SD card.

gallery app icon Gallery

View and manage pictures and videos on your phone.

gmail app icon Gmail

Send and receive emails from your POP3, Exchange, and IMAP email accounts as well as your Google Accounts.

google app Google

Use Google search or get information when you need it with Google Assistant.

google+ app icon Google+

Socialize with friends on the Google+ online community.

instagram app icon Instagram

Capture and share the world's moments through photos and videos.

lookout app Lookout

Protect your device by stopping malware & spyware, backing up your data regularly, and locating the device when it is missing.

maps app icon Maps

Find your place on the map and find your way in the world.

facebook messanger app icon Messenger

Chat with friends through text, photos, videos, and calls.

messenger app icon Messenger

Exchange text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS).

music app icon Music

Play audio files stored on your phone.

my sprint mobile app icon My Sprint Mobile

Manage your Sprint account and services.

phone app icon Phone

Place and receive calls and use voicemail.

photos app icon Photos

Manage photos on the phone and your Google Account.

play books app icon Play Books

Buy and read the electronic version of new bestsellers and classics.

play games app icon Play Games

Buy and play games from the Google Play Store. Share your gaming experience and progress with your friends.

play movies and tv app icon Play Movies & TV

Purchase, download, and watch the latest and your favorite movies and TV shows.

play music app icon Play Music

Play music on the phone and on your Google Account.

play newsstand app icon Play Newsstand

Purchase and read newspapers and magazines.

play store app icon Play Store

Buy and download apps, games, and other content from the Google Play Store.

prime photos app icon Prime Photos

Back up, organize, and share all of the photos and videos from your phone, computer, and other devices.

prime video app icon Prime Video

Stream and download popular movies and TV shows.

settings app icon Settings

Customize and configure your phone.

sound recording app icon Sound Recorder

Record voice memos and listen to them whenever you like.

video player app icon Video Player

Play and manage video files on your phone.

voice search app Voice Search

Use Google search by voice.

voicemail app icon Voicemail

Use Visual Voicemail to check and manage your voicemail messages.

youtube app icon YouTube

Watch video clips from, or upload your own and share with the world.

Note: Available apps are subject to change.