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Add a Contact

You can add contacts from your phone’s Phone and Contacts applications. Enter details such as name, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, and more.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Contacts contacts app icon.

    screenshot of apps list
  • You will see the Contacts list.
  1. Tap add contact icon to add a contact.

    screenshot of contacts tab
  • The Add new contact screen appears.
  1. If you have multiple account types associated with your phone, tap Saving to and select a contact type.
  • Select Google if you want to save contacts to your Google Account; these will be synced automatically with your Google Account online.
  • Select Phone-only, unsynced as the sync account if you want your contacts on your phone only; they will not be synced with your Google Account.
  1. Use the keyboard to enter as much information as you want.
  • add contact photo icon: Tap the picture icon to assign a picture to the contact.
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • More Fields: Tap More Fields to include additional information such as address, ringtone, Notes, Website, etc.

Note: To select a type (label) for a phone number, email address, or postal address (such as Mobile, Home, Work, etc.), tap the type below the field and select the appropriate type.

Note: To delete a phone number, email address, or other information, tap delete icon beside it.

  1. When you have finished adding information, tap check ok icon on the top right.
  • The contact is added.

Save a Phone Number

You can save a phone number to Contacts directly from the phone keypad.

  1. From home, tap Phone phone app icon > Keypad phone dialer icon.
  2. Enter a phone number.

    screenshot of dialing a number
  3. To add the number to an existing contact, tap Add to a contact. To add a new contact, tap Create new contact.
  • For an existing contact, tap the contact name and select a number type for the new number.
  • For a new contact, enter the name and any additional information.
  1. Tap check ok icon.
  • The contact is added.