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Accessibility Settings

The accessibility menu lets you enable and manage accessibility-related applications.

Accessibility Settings Overview

The following accessibility options may be configured:

Accessibility Option



Set the TalkBack service to help blind or low-vision users access the phone

Switch Access

Set Switch Access to allow you to control the phone using configurable key combinations


Protect your device and personal information by enabling Lookout Safe Browsing


Set the language, text size, and style for the captions

Magnification gesture

Set whether to allow zooming in and out the screen content by triple-tapping the screen

Font size

Set font size for display

Display size

Make items on the screen, including fonts, icons and images, smaller or larger

Click after pointer stops moving

If you use a mouse with the phone, set whether to let the mouse automatically click after you stop moving it

High contrast text

Set whether to display onscreen text with higher contrast

Power button ends call

When enabled, you can press the Power/Lock key to end phone calls without turning the screen off

Auto-rotate screen

Set whether to allow the screen to rotate the display with the phone orientation, where applicable

Speak passwords

Get spoken feedback while typing passwords

Large mouse pointer

Display large pointer on  the screen when you use a mouse with the phone

Mono audio

Combine channels when playing audio

Accessibility shortcut

When this feature is enabled, you can quickly enable accessibility features following the steps prompted on the Accessibility shortcut screen

Text-to-speech output

Set text-to-speech options

Touch & hold delay

Adjust the delay required for the phone to notice your "touch & hold" gesture (for example, when you want to move an app to the home screen)

Audio Type

Set the type of the phone's audio output

Sound Balance

Set the sound volume balance

Physical key vibrating

Set whether to let the phone vibrate when you press the physical buttons (the Power/Lock key and the Volume keys)

Notification reminder

Set whether to remind you of notifications

Color inversion

Set whether to display screen content with its colors inverted

Color correction

Set whether to correct color on the screen for color-blind users

Access Accessibility Options

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Accessibility.

    screenshot of system settings
  3. Set available accessibility options.
  • Your accessibility settings are applied and saved.