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The Landing Page

The instructions below will provide additional information on your USB modem landing page.

The Web browser will open the Device and Network page for your USB Modem as shown below. From this page, you can see and manage available network connections, see your current connection state, and see signal strength at a glance. Detailed menus for status and settings are displayed across the top of the menu.

screenshot of device and network options

The main menu appears across the top of the browser interface and allows for ease of navigation. On the menu bar you will see options for: Device & Network, Check Usage, Settings and Help.

screenshot of landing page tabs

Information regarding your current network connection can be seen in the Network Connection Box displayed on the left side of the main page. This box displays 3G and LTE connection information and has the following items:

screenshot of lte networkscreenshot of 3g network

  • Signal strength bar: Displays your current signal strength. Supports 0- 6 levels of signal strength.
  • Connection time: Displays the time after your device is connected.
  • Connection button: Connects you to a network.

The following table provides device status and connection button descriptions:


Connection Button


“No Signal”

No Signal

Radio power is on but device has no signal.
All actions are disabled.



Radio power is on and device is disconnected.
Ready to connect.



Device is connecting and available to cancel the connection.



Device is connected and available to disconnect the connection.

“Not Activated”

Not Activated

Device activation is required.

See Connecting to the Network for more information.