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General Device and Network Information

The instructions below will guide you through the general device and network information within the Web user interface.

To view basic device information click Device & Network on the menu bar and the select the General Device & Network Information dropdown arrow to view your basic device information.

screenshot of general device and network information

General Device

  • Device Name – name of the device
  • Device Description – description of the device
  • Manufacturer – manufacturer of the device
  • Modem Model – model name of the device
  • Hardware Version – current internal hardware version
  • CM Version – current CM version
  • IMEI – the International Mobile Equipment Identity number of the device

General Network

  • IP Address – the current Internet Protocol address of the device
  • Gateway – the current network point entrance address
  • DNS Server – the current Domain Name Server system address
  • Data Received – the number of bytes received
  • Data Sent – the number of bytes sent
  • Data Total – the total data received and sent. Data totals are estimates and should not be used for billing purposes.