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3G Device and Network Information

The following instructions will show you how to view 3G and network information on your device.

To view basic 3G network information click Device & Network on the menu bar and the select the 3G Device & Network Information dropdown arrow to view the 3G network information.

screenshot of 3g device and network information

3G Device

  • MEID – unique number the network uses to identify your device
  • Technology – type of network you are connected to
  • Firmware – current internal software version
  • User Name (NAI) – assigned user name on your device
  • Mobile Number (MDN) – the public ID for your specific wireless service (Mobile Data Number)
  • Home Carrier Name – name of the network operator
  • Home Carrier ID – ID of the network operator
  • PRL Version – used to verify that your Preferred Roaming List is the most current
  • MSID (IMSI_S) – internal ID uses to identify your account
  • 3G Realm – name of the domain

3G Network

  • Status – current network status
  • RSSI – measurement in dBm of current signal strength
  • Ec/Io – measurement in dB of current Ec/Io