Connecting a Telephone to Sprint Phone Connect 2

The Sprint Phone Connect 2 device provides ports for up to two telephones. The ports use the same telephone number.

  1. Unplug your telephone from your wall's telephone jack.

    Unplug wall phone jack illustration
  1. Plug one end of your telephone's cord into one of the telephone ports. (The other end of the cord must remain plugged into the phone or the telephone base unit, depending on the type of phone you're connecting).

    Connect phone to Sprint Phone Connect 2 illustration

Warning: Do not plug Sprint Phone Connect 2 into your telephone wall jack.

Do not connect Sprint Phone Connect 2 to wall jack illustration

Note: The telephone and telephone cord are not included. You must provide your own telephone and telephone cord.

Note: The device and telephone cord are for indoor use only.

Note: Only telephones connected directly to the Sprint Phone Connect 2 will receive service. If the Sprint Phone Connect 2 is connected to a cordless phone base station, any extension phones compatible with that base station will also receive service.