Connect to or Disconnect From a VPN

Once you have set up a VPN connection, use the VPN menu to connect to or disconnect from the VPN.

Connect to a VPN

  1. Touch home key > Main menu icon > Settings > More > VPN.
  2. Touch the VPN that you want to connect to.
  3. When prompted, enter your login credentials, and then touch Connect. When you are connected, the VPN connected icon appears in the notification area of the title bar.
  4. Open the Web browser to access resources such as intranet sites on your corporate network.

Disconnect From a VPN

  1. Touch and hold the status bar, and then drag down to open the Notifications panel.
  2. Touch the VPN connection to return to the VPN settings screen, and then touch the VPN connection to disconnect from it.

When your phone has disconnected from the VPN, the VPN disconnected icon is displayed in the notification area of the status bar.