The Sonim XP STRIKE IS mobile phone has an internal browser that allows you to browse contents of various websites on the Internet. This feature is made available only if you subscribe to a data service from your network operator for Internet access. Please consult your local operator for more details. Some browser settings have already been set to a specific network operator. If you utilize the services of the same network operator you can directly use the data service with the available configuration.

Note: If you are unable to view Web pages because of change in parameters or change in Web address or contents, please consult your network operator and Internet Content Provider (ICP) for updates.

Follow the instructions below to access the internal browser.

  1. Select Menu (left selection key) > Browser. The home page is displayed.
  1. To navigate to a specific Web page, select Navigation (left selection key) and navigate to the address bar at the top. Enter the Web address and press the menu key.

With the address bar highlighted, select Options (right selection key) to view the following text entry options:

Use the navigation keys (Navigation keys) to access the content displayed in the browser.

  1. Select Close (left selection key) to return to the home page.

Browser Options

Browser Settings