SD Card

Your device lets you use a microSDä (also referred to as a memory card) to expand available memory space. This section provides information about mounting, unmounting and formatting it.

Total Space

Total space indicates the total size of the currently inserted microSD card. This includes both available and used space information.

To determine the amount of memory currently used on the card, take the total space and subtract the remaining available space.

Note: Not all of the microSD card is registered in the available space, only a small percentage of the storage is unread. A 16GB microSD card will show approximately 14.73GB of total space.

Available Space

Available space indicates the amount of remaining free memory space available on the microSD card.

Unmount SD Card

  1. Press Home and tap Apps > Settings > Storage.
  2. Tap Unmount SD card to release the microSD card from its use by the device. When the memory card is safe to remove, a notification displays in the status area.

Format SD Card

Formatting a microSD card permanently removes all files stored on the card.

  1. Press Home and tap Apps > Settings > Storage.
  2. Tap Format SD card > Format SD card > Delete all.