Kies via Wi-Fi

Kies via Wi-Fi allows you to sync your Windows PC wirelessly with your phone provided they are both on the same Wi-Fi network. You can view and share call logs, videos, photos, music, bookmarks, ringtones, and even send SMS messages from your PC.

Note: To sync your phone to your PC it is highly recommended that you install Samsung Kies which is available at (for Windows/Mac).

Using Kies via Wi-Fi

  1. Sign onto the same Wi-Fi network from your phone and from your PC.
  1. Press Home > Menu and tap Settings > More settings > Kies via Wi-Fi.
  1. Kies begins to can for other devices on your Wi-Fi network. To restart the scan, tap Scan devices.
  1. Write down the onscreen URL address.

Important! Both your phone and your computer must be connected to the same Wireless Access Point (WAP).

  1. From your computer, enter the URL in your Web browser.
  2. If prompted, an Access Request prompt is displayed on your device. Tap Allow to permit connection between the computer and device.

Note: You may be prompted to run a Java plugin for a TransferManagerApplet. Click Run.

  1. Tap the Remember for today checkbox if you will be using Kies with the same PC later.
  2. From your PC, a security warning may be displayed asking if you want to run this application. Click Run to continue.
  3. On your PC, the Kies via Wi-Fi screen displays.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to view and share information between your phone and PC.