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Send a Picture or Video by Multimedia Message

Multimedia Messaging (MMS) lets you send pictures and videos using your phone’s messaging app. Although you can send several pictures or videos in a multimedia message, it may be better to just send one at a time, especially if the files are large in size.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Gallery gallery icon.
  • The album list opens.
  1. Tap an album (such as Camera).
  • The list of pictures and videos for the album opens.
  1. Tap the pictures or videos you want to share.
  • To select multiple items, touch and hold an image to turn on multiple select. Tap all the items you want to include.
  1. Tap Share share from gallery icon > Messages.

    screenshot of gallery sharing options
  2. Follow the prompts to complete and send the message.

For more information about sending multimedia messages, see Send a Multimedia Message (MMS).