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Device Security

Configure security for your phone.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Lock screen and security lock and security settings icon.
  • The lock screen and security menu opens.
  1. Tap On/Off next to Unknown sources to enable installation of non-Google Play applications.

Warning: Enabling installation of third-party applications can cause your device and personal data to be more vulnerable to attacks by unknown sources.

  1. Tap Private mode to hide personal content from being accessed by anyone else using your device. Private mode is only available for certain applications.
  2. Tap Secure startup to protect your device by using a screen lock when your device turns on.
  3. Tap Encrypt SD card and follow the prompts to encrypt all data on your optional memory card (not included).
  4. Tap Other security settings to configure the following options:
  • Make passwords visible: Display password characters briefly as you type them.
  • Security policy updates: Automatically or manually check for security policy updates.
  • Send security reports: Send security reports to Samsung via Wi-Fi for threat analysis.
  • Device administrators: Manage your device administrators and application installation privileges.
  • Storage type: Select a storage location for credential contents.
  • View security certificates: Display certificates in your device’s ROM and other certificates you have installed.
  • User certificates: View user certificates.
  • Install from device storage: Install a new certificate from storage.
  • Clear credentials: Erase the credential contents from the device and reset the password.
  • Trust agents: Perform selected actions when trusted devices are connected.
  • To view Trust agents, set up a screen lock (Password, PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint). For more information, see Screen Lock.
  • Pin windows: Pin an app on your device screen, preventing access to other features of your phone.
  • Usage data access: View the applications that can access your device’s usage history.
  • Notification access: View the applications that can access notifications you receive on your phone.
  • Do not disturb permission: View which apps have permission to change the Do not disturb settings.