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Calendar Settings

Configure settings for your phone’s Calendar app.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Calendar calendar icon.
  • The Calendar app opens.
  1. Tap More options options icon > Settings to configure these options:
  • First day of week: Choose a day to start each calendar week.
  • Show week numbers: Enable or disable display of week numbers on the calendar.
  • Hide declined events: When enabled, events for which you declined the invitation are not shown on the calendar.
  • Add Samsung Weather widget: When enabled, weather information from displays on the calendar.
  • Notifications:
  • Notification sound: Choose a sound for calendar event notifications.
  • Vibrate when sound plays: Enable or disable vibration, to play for calendar event notifications.
  • Set default reminders: Set default reminders for Events and All-day events.
  • Lock time zone: When enabled, event times will be locked to the time zone you select. Times and dates will not change, even if you travel to another time zone.
  • About Calendar: View information about the Calendar app.