Create and Send Gmail

Use Google’s Gmail service and your Google Account to send, receive, and manage your Gmail messages. Before using Gmail, you must register a Google (Gmail) Account on your phone. See Google Account for details.

Gmail Cautions

Gmail is handled as email from a PC. Restricting email from PCs on your phone prevents your phone from receiving Gmail.

Create and Send a Gmail Message

Use your phone to create and send Gmail messages.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Google google folder icon > Gmail gmail icon.
  1. In the Inbox, tap Compose gmail compose icon.
  1. Enter the message recipient(s), subject, and message, and then tap Send gmail send icon.

    screenshot of gmail inbox screenshot of composing a gmail

Gmail Composition Options

Note: To view your draft email messages, in the Inbox, tap Menu gmail menu icon > Drafts.

Note: To view your sent messages, in the Inbox, tap Menu gmail menu icon > Sent.