Your Phone’s SIM Card for International GSM Roaming

Your phone comes with a preinstalled SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card to support roaming on compatible GSM networks.

Note: Your SIM card should be preinstalled. If you need to reinstall your SIM card, follow the instructions below.

Note: The SIM card included with your phone contains information specific to your phone and should be retained for use on GSM networks.

Insert a SIM Card

Follow these instructions to insert a SIM card. Remember to power off your phone before inserting a SIM card.

  1. Remove the back cover.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Insert SIM card. Insert gently with gold IC chip facing downward.
  4. Insert the battery. Align the contacts of the battery with the contacts in the phone.
  5. Attach the back cover.

Caution: If the card is not inserted correctly, the device cannot detect the SIM card. Re-orient the card and place it back into the slot if the SIM is not detected.