Save a Business Card as a Contact

Take a picture of a business card and your phone recognizes the information to save the business card in Contacts, and create a new contact from the info on the business card.

  1. From home, tap all apps icon Apps > contacts icon Contacts.
  2. Tap options icon More options > Business cards > add icon Add.
  3. When the camera opens, center the business card in the guidelines on the screen. If the camera can recognize the business card, it will take the picture automatically, or you can take the picture manually.
  4. Your phone analyzes the picture of the business card, and uses information it recognizes to create a new contact. You can also add more information to the contact.
  5. Tap Save to save the new contact. The business card is displayed as the picture for the contact.

Tip: You can view all your business cards by tapping options icon More options > Business cards.