Make and Receive Worldwide Calls

When traveling on international networks, you can place and answer calls as you would on the Sprint network (see Make Phone Calls), although some additional instructions may be required to place a call. Some features and services are not available in all countries. For more information on services that are available while roaming, visit

Make Calls Using Plus (+) Code Dialing

Placing calls from one country to another country is simple with the Plus (+) Code Dialing feature. When placing international calls, you can use Plus Code Dialing to enter the appropriate international access code for your location (for example, 011 for international calls placed from the United States).

Note: Plus Code Dialing is only available when roaming internationally on GSM networks and on certain CDMA networks in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Note: International access codes and dialing information are available online at

To use Plus Code Dialing to place an international call:

  1. From home, tap phone icon Phone > Keypad tab to display the phone screen.
  2. If you are on the GSM network, touch and hold 0 key (0) to insert a “+” on the phone dial screen. (The “+” symbol automatically inserts the international access code for the country from which you are calling.)
  3. If you are on the CDMA network outside Canada or the Caribbean, enter the international access code for the country from which you are calling.
  4. Tap 1 key (1) to insert the US country code, and then enter the area code and number.
  5. Tap call key Dial to place the call.