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Sounds Settings

The following topics cover your phone’s Sounds settings options.

Access Sounds Settings

  • From the home screen, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Sounds sounds icon.

The table below outlines your Sounds settings.



Sound mode

Set the sound mode for the phone.

  • Sound: Your phone uses the sounds, vibrations, and volume levels you have chosen in Sound settings for notifications and alerts.
  • Vibrate: Your phone vibrates for notifications and alerts. This uses the Vibration intensity you choose in Sound settings.
  • Mute: Your phone plays no sounds or vibrations. Onscreen reminders will still occur.
Vibrate while ringing

Set your device to vibrate in addition to ringing when you receive a call.


Set volume for ringtones, media, system features, etc.

Vibration intensity

Set the amount of vibration for incoming calls, notifications, and haptic feedback.


Set your ringtones and notification sounds for your phone, apps, keypad, and other features.

Vibration pattern

Choose from preset vibration patterns or create your own pattern.

Notification sounds

Choose a sound for notifications, such as for new messages and event reminders.

Do not disturb

Configure the Do not disturb feature to mute calls and alerts at will or on a schedule, as well as set exceptions.

Touch sounds

Play tones when you touch or tap the screen to make selections.

Screen lock sounds

Play sounds when locking or unlocking the screen.

Charging sound

Play a sound when a charger is connected.

Emergency tone

Sound an alert, vibrate, or stay silent when an emergency alert is received.

Charging sound

Play a sound when a charger is connected.

Vibration feedback

Set the phone to vibrate when the Back key or Recent apps key are tapped, and for other actions.

Dialing keypad tones

Play tone when the dialing keypad is tapped.

Keyboard sound

Play a sound when the Samsung keyboard is tapped.

Keyboard vibration

Set the phone to vibrate when the Samsung keyboard is tapped.

Sound quality and effects

Set sound quality and sound effects for your phone.

Access Sound Settings

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Sounds sounds icon.

    screenshot of additional sounds settings
  3. Set your sound and vibration options.
  • Your sound and vibration settings are saved and applied.

See the following topics for more information.