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Smart Select

The Smart select feature provides a capture tool to select content on a screen. You can then add it to your Gallery app or share it with your contacts.

To launch the Smart select tool:

  1. Remove the S Pen from the S Pen slot, hold the S Pen near the screen so that the pointer appears, and press the S Pen button once.

    screenshot of air command main screen
  2. Tap Smart select air command smart select icon.
  • Tap the shape you want to use: Rectangle, Lasso, or Oval.
  • Draw around the content you want to select.

    screenshot of smart select
  • The selected clip is centered on the screen.
  • Tap a selection shape to start over and select new content.
  • Tap s pen auto shape icon Auto select to automatically refine the selection based on the image. You can manually add or subtract from the selection, as well as rotate the selection left or right.
  1. Tap an option at the bottom of the window:
  • Draw: Draw or write on the screen using the S Pen.
  • Share: Choose a sharing method to share your content.
  • Save: Save the content to the Gallery app.