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Screen Write

Screen write allows you to capture a screen shot and then write notes on the screen shot.

To use Screen write:

  1. Remove the S Pen from the S Pen slot, hold the S Pen near the screen so that the pointer appears, and press the S Pen button once.

    screenshot of air command main screen
  2. Tap Screen write air command screen write icon. The current screen is captured, and a pen tool appears.

    The following editing tools are provided:
  • Pen: Write or draw on the screen shot. Press the Draw icon a second time to change the pen tip, size, color, and to save presets.
  • Eraser: Erase the writing or drawings on the screen shot. Tap the Eraser icon a second time to change the size of the eraser area and to see the Clear all option.
  • Undo: Undo the last action.
  • Redo: Redo the last action.
  1. When you are finished writing, tap an option:
  • Crop: Crop the image.
  • Share: Share the image using messaging, Bluetooth®, email, and more.
  • Save: Save the content to the Gallery app.