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S Voice Settings

Configure options for using your voice to interact with your phone.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Samsung samsung folder icon > S Voice s voice app icon.
  2. Tap More options options icon > Settings to configure options:
  • Voice wake-up: Launch S Voice by speaking a wake-up command.
  • Wake up in secured lock: Make calls, take pictures, play music, or perform tasks using S Voice using voice commands without unlocking your phone.
  • Language: Choose a language to use for S Voice.
  • Voice feedback: Enable spoken feedback when using S Voice.
  • Auto start speakerphone: When enabled, the speaker is automatically turned on when you make a call with S Voice.
  • Home address: Configure your home address.
  • Erase data: Erase the data you have stored on the server and restore the default S Voice settings.
  • Help: View information about using S Voice.
  • About S Voice: View S Voice version information.