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S Pen

Use S Pen and your phone to create and collaborate. With S Pen, you can:

  • Write directly into a Gmail message.
  • Write directly on the calendar.
  • Annotate documents (Word, Excel®, PPT, PDF).
  • Quickly open Notes from any screen.

    illustration of s pen

Removing S Pen from Your Phone

S Pen is stored in your phone to keep it protected and easy to locate.

  • Push the S Pen in to release it, and then slide it from your phone using the notch on the end.

    illustration of s pen removal

Caution: When you insert the S Pen into the slot, insert the S Pen’s tip first. Failure to do so can cause the S Pen to become stuck. Forcefully detaching the S Pen from the slot may cause damage to the S Pen and your device.

Note: To maintain the water-resistant and dust-resistant features of your device, make sure that the S Pen slot and opening are both maintained free of dust and water, and the pen is securely inserted prior to any exposure.

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